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No Deposit Electricity Plans are looking more normal

December 10, 2010

Depending on the electricity company you choose to go with you may find that no deposit and prepaid electricity plans are beginning to look a lot more like typical electricity plans you see with more traditional type energy companies.

In the past all you could find in regards to a good no deposit electricity plan in places like Houston and Dallas were super high rate plans that hooked you in with a $99 start-up fee.

The fee only lasts a week or two and then they start asking for more money. This was the time when people began asking, “well what exactly am I paying this electric company as far as the per kilowatt-hour rate.”

What many would discover after the fact of signing up is that their rate was 16 cents per kilowatt-hour and sometimes even higher than this.

Now there are prepaid electricity companies that charge competitive per kilowatt-hour rates because they can use a combination of a prepaid electricity meter hooked up to a new smart meter.

The smart meter sends out real-time data on the exact electric usage being used at someones home.

People can insert a prepaid electricity card into the meter and keep service on simply by recharging the card and or buying a new one and then inserting into the prepaid electric meter on the side of the house.

This type of prepaid electric company can charge based on a competitive per kilowatt-hour rate because they know you will have to pay for exact electric usage and not estimated electric usage.

Quite a few prepaid electric companies would charge you based on estimated electric usage and say they would reimburse you for the difference if you paid too much.

What would then happen is that after a year or two these electricity providers that offered this no deposit prepaid plan would close up business and leave town with your money.

These scam prepaid companies will soon be no more as traditional electricity company brands you may be familiar with are beginning to offer competitive no deposit electricity plans.

No Deposit Electricity in Dallas

July 30, 2010

Dallas, Texas Electricity Service With No Deposit

You can achieve a cheaper electricity rate with a Dallas Texas electric company and avoid a deposit by going with a provider that has lowered their deposit requirement.

Unfortunately electricity providers in Dallas are constantly changing their credit score requirements and on one month may approving all customers with no deposit on a different month they may want you to have a 700 credit score to accept you with no deposit.

On top of this it is a guessing game which electric company in Dallas is accepting electric service customers with no deposit because these energy companies do not advertise this fact.

There are some prepaid electric companies in Dallas that will guarantee no deposit but they will usually charge you so much more per kilowatt hour that it isn’t worth choosing these companies.

We recommend shopping around and attempting to sign up with numerous Dallas electric providers until you get one to accept you with no deposit and a good cheap electricity rate.

Your monthly Dallas, Texas electricity service bill can have quite a detrimental effect on your budget, particularly in the midst of the heating and cooling seasons.  For this reason it is important to make sure your heating and cooling unit is operating at optimum efficiency.  Have your unit serviced annually to make sure it is not straining to operate.  Not only will you save money in electricity costs, you could be protecting yourself against costly repairs, or even premature replacement in the future.

It is also important to be sure you are paying the lowest possible rate for your Dallas, Texas electricity service.  With ElectricRates it is easy to be sure you are getting the best deal available.  Just use our online comparison tool to get started.  By entering your zip code and service type into our tool you will have access to all of the most up to date information on every Dallas, Texas electricity service provider, including their current rates.  When you find the best deal you can even order your new service right online through ElectricRates.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call toll free at 1-800-971-4020 if you have any questions at all.  Our energy consultants are experts on the Dallas, Texas electricity market and will be happy to share their knowledge with you.  We can explain how the market works and help connect you with the lowest cost provider.  With ElectricRates on your side you can be confident that you are getting the best deal available.

How to Use Your Dishwasher Correctly to Save on Your Texas Electric Bill

May 14, 2010

You did all the right things by selecting an energy-efficient dishwasher. But, you may be washing those savings right down the drain by using it incorrectly. Following is how to make sure you’re constantly saving on your Texas electric bill when you use your dishwasher.

Don’t Use the Rinse/Hold Feature: As nice as it is to have, don’t use this feature on your dishwasher unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s an energy waster, consuming 3 to 7 gallons of water every time you use it. Furthermore, this water has to be heated – using even more energy. So avoid using it as much as possible.

Air Dry Dishes after Washing: Many dishwashers have an “Air Dry” or “Heat Dry” feature. These features consume anywhere from 15 to 50% more energy. So, don’t use either. To dry dishes after they finishing washing, simply open the door of the dishwasher. This is no-cost air drying – the best kind.

Scrape, Don’t Rinse: Before you load your dishwasher, don’t rinse the dishes. This can use up to 20 more gallons of water. Scrape them good and load’er up!

Check the Drain: Over time, food can build up in your dishwasher’s drain. If it gets stuck, your unit has to work harder (ie, use more energy) to clean. And, it can clog up altogether. Checking the drain regularly prevents this from happening.

Texas Electric: Don’t Wash Away Your Energy Savings

One of the easiest ways to save on your Texas electric bill is to select the right energy plan. And if you’re using a prepaid electric service plan, you’re paying more. One problem many Texas consumers have with prepaid electric plans is the premature termination of service for being even a few days late paying the bill. You don’t have to put up with this.

No-deposit electric service plans like the Texas LITE-UP Program offers consumers budget friendly solutions. With this program, for example, you get a discount on your energy bill five months out of the year.

Call your Texas electricity provider to find out how to qualify.

CT No Deposit Electricity Companies

April 2, 2010

In Connecticut there are several electricity service choices available but most of these choices are based on credit. What you will find if you were to call on a few electricity companies in CT is that for a commercial business you will be asked for as much as $5,000 – $10,000 as a deposit amount to have electric service turned on. For residential electric service customers in CT the deposits can range anywhere from $300 – $500 to have your electricity service turned on in your home or apartment.

For many people these large deposits are already added on to a large deposit they had to pay to move into their home or apartment when paying their landlord. The added electricity service deposit can be too much for many. Fortunately there  are government assistance programs for low income families. If you are not classified as low income you may find it very frustrating to find a cheap electricity rates in Connecticut while at the same time avoiding a deposit amount.

A better solution than getting the cheapest electric rate or signing up at a high rate but not paying a deposit is to go ahead and save up and pay that deposit. You will establish your self as a good paying customer with a provider that has cheap electricity prices in Connecticut and you will not have to pay a deposit the next to time you renew with them. Typically a Connecticut electricity supplier will give you your deposit back after 6 months into your electricity agreement.

There are also government assistance programs available for low income families in Connecticut which may be a solution for some families. If you believe you are one of the low income families you can still avoid going with a high priced prepaid electricity company and instead choose a traditional electricity provider in CT. The government may be able to assist you in paying your deposit with your chosen electricity company.

You may call: 1-800-842-1132 for more information on Connecticut electricity service low income assistance.

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Public Inquiries: 1-800-842-1132

Houston No Deposit Electric Company

May 5, 2009

Houston Students Finding No Deposit Electric Service

Whether you are a college student or just getting back on your feet to establish yourself as a good paying customer you have a choice when it comes to Houston electric service. If you haven’t already experienced it you will soon discover that most Houston electric providers are going to ask you for a large deposit amount if your credit score has not yet been established or you have a poor credit score. Each electric company has different criteria for how they pass their electricity service customers on credit. If you would like to sign up with a Houston electric company that has a guaranteed electric rate offer than click on the link below.

Check Rates in Houston Texas – Click Here or call 1-800-971-4020

For a student or young person just establishing credit or moving into an apartment for the first time it is very probable that a Houston electric company is going to ask you for a deposit. For instance, I had a friend who recently tried signing up with Reliant Energy hoping she could get Houston electric service turned on in her name and avoid having to pay a large deposit amount. Reliant asked her for somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 to have electricity service turned on. She had already paid the Houston apartment complex $800 for the deposit for her apartment and did not have the money needed by Reliant Energy in Houston.

Pre-Paid Electric Service Everywhere but is it Worth It?

My friend could only find pre-paid Houston electricity companies and there terms and conditions were vague and what she could find out about their service plans did not seem very favorable to the Houston energy consumer. One thing she objected to in regards to going with a prepaid electricity company was the usage being based on estimated usage and not actual electric usage. For most people they will usage tripple the energy they normally use in the summer. For a student trying to conserve and keep the air conditioner down in the summer to save money a Houston prepaid electricity company can be more trouble then it is worth.

A Better Houston Electric Service Choice for Those Just Establishing Credit History

This friend of mine ran into me and I was able to tell her about a guaranteed no deposit Houston electricity company that will bill you for actual electric usage and not estimated usage from the previous tenant. They bill you as a traditional electric company does but they deduct the payment from a credit card on file. This credit card auto bill pay option allows them to offer a Houston electricity rate that has no deposit requirement. If you pay your Houston electricity bill on time the first 3 months that you are with them then you will be proactively lowered to this no deposit electricity companies cheapest electric rate plan.

If you would like to sign up for a no or low deposit Houston electricity plan over the phone then please call: 1-800-971-4020 The no and low deposit options are subject to a credit score check. You may be asked for a deposit for your electric service depending on how your credit comes back.

To sign up online with a reputable no and low deposit Houston electric company based on credit score please click here.

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