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No deposit electric company


When considering going with a Texas electric company that guarantees there is no deposit with their rate and then offers what they call a “post paid” electric rate you should consider a few points.

  • Is the Rate a Fixed Electric Rate?
    • Many Post Paid electric providers offer an electric rate that is several cents higher to cover the lost deposit amount. This is fine because they need to account for the risk of taking on a high risk customer that may not pay their electric bill. The issue in many post paid customers experience is when the post paid electric provider has variable charges called “Fuel Surcharges” and Natural gas commodity trackers that allow them to raise the electric rate to whatever they deem they can get away with. In this type of situation you will find yourself paying way more for your electricity then you had budgeted for. What at first looked like a fixed rate could very easily change on you. Be sure to ask this question.
  • How Many Days Do They Give you to Pay Your Bill Before Cutting Off Service?
    • Termination for the service agreement cannot occur sooner than 10 days after the termination notice date.   The REP must offer deferred payment plans or alternative payment arrangements to qualified customers. If a termination notice was issued and you subsequently pay the amount you owe or agree to payment arrangements, your service agreement with the REP cannot be canceled. REPs cannot terminate your service agreement for any of the following reasons:
    • The failure by a previous occupant to pay amounts owed;
    • Your failure to pay a charge that was not related to your  electric service;
    • Your failure to pay for different types or classes of electric services unless those services were included on your bill when your electric service agreement was initiated;
    • Your failure to pay charges for which you were not billed for more than six months prior to the current billing, except in the case of  theft of service;
    • Your failure to pay for any disputed charges until a determination is made by the REP or PUCT regarding the accuracy of the charges and you have been notified of the determination;
    • Your failure to pay an estimated bill that was not developed under an approved meter reading plan, unless the Utility cannot read your meter.
    • If you believe you your Texas electric service was terminated prematurely then we advise you to contact the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) toll-free at 1-888-782-8477

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