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Only a Handful of Prepaid Electric Companies in Texas

There are a few Texas electric companies that are offering prepaid electric service. Freedom Power and DPI Energy are couple of the main Texas electric providers offering this type of service. Prepaid electricity allows someone with bad credit to go ahead and pay in advance and then after paying receive Texas electric service. The main issue that has affected Texas electric providers and consumers alike in the prepaid Texas energy market is the issue of turning off the electric service too early without proper PUCT required notice.

Alternatives to Prepaid Electric Service in Texas

Because of the issues in the past regarding prepaid Texas electricity we recommend that low credit score customers and those with less then perfect credit try “No Deposit” Texas electricity.

Have you had Your Power Turned Off Too Soon?

If a Texas electricity customer fails to pay their electric bill on time some Texas energy companies have been reported on as having turned off the electricity before giving the proper notice by mail. Freedom Power is one electric company that some of their customers have blamed for turning their electric service off without proper cause or notice. These are the opinions of Freedom Power’s customers and are not intended to be interpreted as fact.

Note: The issue regarding Freedom Power turning off Texas prepaid electric service without proper notice is from the opinions of some of their disatisfied customers that mentioned this via comments on the internet. The comments Freedom Power’s customers left is not to be intended to be fact but mere opinion from their customers. By reading this information you agree that this site and company that owns this site is not liable for how you, customers, or potential customers of Freedom Power choose to interpret the opinions of those who left these comments about Freedom Power. You can read these comments at this site: Source and Comments

This is the opinion of the respective customers that submitted these complaints and not the opinion of this site.