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Houston No Deposit Electric Company

May 5, 2009

Houston Students Finding No Deposit Electric Service

Whether you are a college student or just getting back on your feet to establish yourself as a good paying customer you have a choice when it comes to Houston electric service. If you haven’t already experienced it you will soon discover that most Houston electric providers are going to ask you for a large deposit amount if your credit score has not yet been established or you have a poor credit score. Each electric company has different criteria for how they pass their electricity service customers on credit. If you would like to sign up with a Houston electric company that has a guaranteed electric rate offer than click on the link below.

Check Rates in Houston Texas – Click Here or call 1-800-971-4020

For a student or young person just establishing credit or moving into an apartment for the first time it is very probable that a Houston electric company is going to ask you for a deposit. For instance, I had a friend who recently tried signing up with Reliant Energy hoping she could get Houston electric service turned on in her name and avoid having to pay a large deposit amount. Reliant asked her for somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 to have electricity service turned on. She had already paid the Houston apartment complex $800 for the deposit for her apartment and did not have the money needed by Reliant Energy in Houston.

Pre-Paid Electric Service Everywhere but is it Worth It?

My friend could only find pre-paid Houston electricity companies and there terms and conditions were vague and what she could find out about their service plans did not seem very favorable to the Houston energy consumer. One thing she objected to in regards to going with a prepaid electricity company was the usage being based on estimated usage and not actual electric usage. For most people they will usage tripple the energy they normally use in the summer. For a student trying to conserve and keep the air conditioner down in the summer to save money a Houston prepaid electricity company can be more trouble then it is worth.

A Better Houston Electric Service Choice for Those Just Establishing Credit History

This friend of mine ran into me and I was able to tell her about a guaranteed no deposit Houston electricity company that will bill you for actual electric usage and not estimated usage from the previous tenant. They bill you as a traditional electric company does but they deduct the payment from a credit card on file. This credit card auto bill pay option allows them to offer a Houston electricity rate that has no deposit requirement. If you pay your Houston electricity bill on time the first 3 months that you are with them then you will be proactively lowered to this no deposit electricity companies cheapest electric rate plan.

If you would like to sign up for a no or low deposit Houston electricity plan over the phone then please call: 1-800-971-4020 The no and low deposit options are subject to a credit score check. You may be asked for a deposit for your electric service depending on how your credit comes back.

To sign up online with a reputable no and low deposit Houston electric company based on credit score please click here.

Dallas No Deposit Electric Company

May 5, 2009

Dallas No Deposit Energy Service Companies

If you have bad credit or just have not yet had the opportunity to establish credit in your name because your young, a student, or really any number of reasons then a Dallas no deposit electric company may be a good choice for you. You can avoid a large deposit requirement and the headache of being declined by several Dallas electric companies by signing up with an energy provider that will guarantee no deposit will be required. You can also establish yourself as a good paying electric utility customer and establish some good credit history.

Check Rates in Dallas Texas – Click Here or call 1-800-971-4020

If you live in or around the Dallas Texas or Fort Worth Texas area and are trying to locate an electric company that offers a no deposit electric rate then we have an energy company that might fit your needs. With this Dallas no deposit electric company you can sign up on a variable electric rate that guarantees no deposit will be needed provided you have a good credit score. Unlike a pre-paid Dallas Texas electric company you are not charged for estimated electricity usage but instead on your actual Dallas electricity usage. The issue with being billed for your estimated electric usage is that you may use your electricity sparingly during the summer to save money. The previous tenant at your home or apartment may have used quite a bit more energy then what you plan to use. If the pre-paid electric company is charging you based on estimated usage they could be using last years usage history from someone else.

Preferred option is to be Billed for Actual Electric Usage

By being billed for actual electric usage you are being billed like you were on a traditional electric rate as those who have good credit usually sign up for. By signing up with a no deposit guaranteed Dallas electric company it is not like you are signing up for a terrible rate plan you are just getting into a workaround until your credit history or payment history has been improved or established. Many students just don’t have an established credit history with a utility. By signing up with a reputable Dallas electric company that offers guaranteed no deposit choices with fair terms and conditions you basically get a 2nd chance before you have to resort to going with a Dallas prepaid electricity provider.

How Does a No Deposit Electricity Plan Work?

The way the no deposit guaranteed Dallas electric company works is simply if your credit score meets the electricity companies guidlines they will let you sign up with no deposit. Not to worry, if you have a bad credit score you may only need to pay between $200 – $400 with some energy companies. With a prepaid electricity company you may end up paying that much in charges each month because pay as you go companies usually charge a higher rate. If you don’t have the money to pay an electricity service deposit I recommend getting any previous bill history from another provider you might have used. If you can show 12 months of current bill payments to your new provider they will likely not need a deposit. Another choice is to speak with the Department of Health and Human Services in Texas to see how they may be able to help.

To Begin the Electric Service Sign Up Process

To begin the process of getting your Dallas electric service turned on fast and in your name we need you to fill out some basic service address information. The no deposit electricity company will approve you online or you may call them if you would prefer signing up with someone over the phone. Call: 1-800-971-4020